Early Pregnancy Symptoms






Pregnancy SymptomsPregnancy is the most welcomed moment in any woman’s life; it’s an awaited and exciting period for many. Changes are the notice of something; some happening. Similarly for pregnancy also, there are some changes that help you explore whether you are pregnant or not. The pregnancy commences with some changes in the woman’s body that can be considered as the early signs and symptoms of the pregnancy. One gets eager to know what actually these symptoms indicate. It may be early pregnancy symptoms or may be something different.


The pregnancy symptoms vary from one woman to other and also from one pregnancy to another. The early signs and symptoms of the pregnancy can be even different for the same woman in her different pregnancies. This shows how they can vary. So it is very important to acquaint self with the knowledge of the most commonly occurring or presenting early pregnancy symptoms.


Once you know what changes take place how the signs appear and how the symptoms are being experienced you can surely confirm your pregnancy on your own; however you may need to see your doctor for the confirmation. The simplest measure to check whether you are pregnant or not, is the use of the home pregnancy test with the use of the commercially available pregnancy testing kits. Many times the early symptoms don’t confirm the pregnancy, so it is always necessary to go through and visit your doctor for the confirmation. Also sometimes our predictions may not come out to be true. This information will in fact guide you to recognize the common early pregnancy symptoms and signs.


A woman naturally starts thinking of being pregnant or doubts, when she misses a period and this is the most important and early symptom of the pregnancy. The absence of the menstruation is called as amenorrhea. This is the first symptom of early pregnancy; however many symptoms are such that cannot be considered to confirm the pregnancy as they may be related to some other causes too. The other symptoms of early pregnancy includes the breast changes, the feeling of fatigue, morning sickness, frequent urination, skin changes and many others .

Pregnancy SignsThe pregnancy period moves gradually with many changes as it progresses to different trimesters or we can a say to further weeks or months. Of these changes or symptoms during the pregnancy, many may be quite uncertain in different woman or may vary in their occurrences. However, there are some changes that appear in accordance with the respective week or month; that is some changes can be specific.


Here we are trying our best attempts to make you know and get thorough about the early pregnancy symptoms. Perhaps, you may find it easier and quite interesting to know how everything’s going during the pregnancy and it also will provide you a bit of guidance and lot more information in case you are trying to find out  for yourself being pregnant or not. Great way indeed to explore for self, isn’t it?


So, here we begin our journey through all those early pregnancy symptoms and signs. Some you might have heard of or at least experienced.


Let us know about the common early symptoms and signs of the pregnancy. We will see these symptoms one by one with easy and simple explanation as well as how these can be related with other conditions and form differential diagnosis other than the pregnancy. Before this let’s have a look on the few facts related to the early signs and symptoms of the pregnancy.


Few facts related to the early pregnancy symptoms and signs:


  1. It’s good to gain knowledge about the early pregnancy signs and symptoms.

  2. The symptoms may or may not indicate or represent pregnancy.

  3. These may indicate some other condition.

  4. These may not be the same experience for all women.

  5. These may even vary for the same women in her subsequent pregnancies.

  6. The intensity, duration and response to these symptoms vary from woman to woman and even during subsequent pregnancies for the one.

  7. Few symptoms can be troublesome for the woman.

  8. Not all woman experience the early symptoms, it may take few months for them to feel these.

  9. It’s always better to have your pregnancy get confirmed by your doctor.

  10. As your pregnancy progresses, it gives you clear clues of being pregnant.

  11. These symptoms are successful in ruling out your pregnancy when they turn out to be positive in terms of the examination carried out by your doctor.