Early Pregnancy and Exercise


Exercises are the part of the healthy lifestyle. Exercise keeps an individual healthy and fit to meet the daily wear and tear of the body. It can range from simple act of walking to use of machines for exercising one’s body. Anyhow this works out to maintain and sustain good health. In pregnancy also a woman must remain healthy and fresh the whole day long and of course throughout the pregnancy.


During the early pregnancy, one can go for simpler exercises as walking for few minutes in a garden to get fresh air, toning up your muscles.


One of the best exercises can be the deep-breathing exercise. A woman must inhale fresh air which contains good oxygen as she not only breathes for herself but also for her baby who gets oxygen from her. So relax yourself when you get time, take deep breath and hold it for few seconds and then relax. It’s easy, and won’t take much of your time.


Yoga and meditation:


A better approach that would not just give you physical relaxation but also mental peace is practicing yoga. However you must have expertise and consult advice for yoga.

Meditation will add to your mental peace by letting down all your worries and replacing the anxious thoughts.

So whenever you get time, sit quietly in meditation and experience the real charm of the true meditation. You will feel the sense of blissful world.


Before you start exercise know these:


It is always better to get medical advice from your doctor in order to start exercises.

Go for simpler ones rather than the complex requiring more expertise.

Remember your day to day activities itself serves the purpose of exercise.

Avoid being fatigued due to exercise.

Rest and sleep are also a form of exercise.