Healthy Approaches: Pregnancy and You






A warm welcome to your pregnancy:


If you are the one hoping for or expecting then you may feel at the top of your world, a sense of blissfulness on discovering that you are pregnant. Here you may give a warm welcome to your pregnancy. Think of lovingly about your fetus, the new life that has started to develop within your womb. Start having lovely thoughts about your baby and you and your family as well. Just for a moment imagine all this. It’s really a pleasant experience for every woman. Share with your life partner that you are pregnant and now he’s going to become a dad.


Express your feelings to your husband. Talk about the future; your family, your life and your world that’s going to change. Strong emotions in your heart and thoughts in your mind is all the case with you now. Ventilate these with your better-half.


Identifying the early pregnancy symptoms:


If you are not new, means if you are already a mom, your past experiences of the previous pregnancy guides you a lot in identifying the symptoms. Well, for the ones hoping for the first time, it seems a bit confusing or in fact difficult to get know them. As such you may seek help of your known persons, sisters or mothers or even friends. You may start searching all about the symptoms that you may experience right from the missed period, isn’t it. Our pregnancy info guide comes to your help to make you aware of the common early pregnancy symptoms.


Trying out different sources to confirm your pregnancy:


As we talked earlier that you may be in search to confirm your pregnancy using different possible ways. The simplest measure is to perform a home pregnancy test in order to confirm your pregnancy. It’s an easy technique of testing the pregnancy by using the commercially available kit which can be used at home. The principle behind it is that the urine during the pregnancy contains hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) hormone. The kit detects the presence of this hormone in the urine and shows color change in the test window of the kit. This confirms the pregnancy. The kits display the method of its use and so it’s quite easy to be used at home.


The best way however is to see a doctor to get your pregnancy confirmed. The ultrasound examination will be done by the doctor he may also do the per-vaginal examination. This gives the reliable confirmation.


A Heavenly feel of mom’s heart: ready to be mom:


Confirmed your pregnancy? It makes a big difference to you, feeling lucky. Yes or no? Yes it does, after all you are going to be a mom. It’s not a mere feeling of happiness but a heavenly feel of developing a Mom’s heart for the life that has started to grow within you. Feel the blissfulness and the real charm of getting pregnant and congratulate yourself for it. Your role’s going to change now. Do the best you can and trust self.