Early Symptoms in Multiple Pregnancy


Having a family history of twins or comparing one’s pregnancy to the previous one may make some woman wonder whether they are carrying single or multiple fetuses. An idea of suspecting the twins or multiple pregnancy may come to your mind when you start noticing symptoms that may vary than your previous pregnancy.

The early symptoms of the twins or multiple pregnancy are the same as that of the singleton pregnancy except that they get somewhat severe or intensified due to the more production of the hormones in response to the multiple fetuses within the body.

Let us know some symptoms that may tell you whether you are having twins or multiple pregnancy. These are some observable changes noted in the woman carrying twins or multiple pregnancy. They are as below.

Larger abdomen, large for date:

The twins occupy much space in your womb thus enlarging the abdomen. It looks larger for the gestational age. The uterus measures large for date which is evident on measuring the symphysis fundal height (SFH) which is the distance from the symphysis pubis to fundus.

Faster weight gain:

There is far more weight gain in the twins or multiple pregnancy. It is due to the weight in excess to the singleton pregnancy due to the multiple fetuses within the womb. The increase in the blood volume and uterine size contribute to the weight gain.

Severe morning sickness:

The morning sickness becomes worse than the singleton pregnancy. This probably is the effect of the increase in the hormone levels.

Intensified early symptoms of pregnancy:

The symptoms of the early pregnancy may get exaggerated in the twins or multiple pregnancy.

Abnormal high levels of maternal alpha fetoprotein:

The twins or multiple fetuses tend to raise the maternal fetoprotein. However as the higher levels may indicate abnormalities of the fetus so your doctor will recommend you to go for ultrasound for confirmation of the pregnancy.

Early fetal movement:

It is said that the woman carrying multiple pregnancy may experience the fetal movement earlier than the one carrying the singleton pregnancy.

One reason to expect the multiple pregnancy can be the assisted reproductive techniques which aid in the pregnancy by ovulation induction.

History of the previous twins pregnancy may be another reason to suspect the multiple pregnancy.