Early Pregnancy and Nutrition

Nutrition is the most important aspect of the prenatal or pregnancy care. It is really a matter of concern in the developing countries as the pregnant women do not pay attention to their nutrition which then adversely affects the maternal and fetal outcome. Apart from all the other aspects, the nutrition carries a significant value during pregnancy.


Why the nutrition is important during the early pregnancy?


Your body is now demanding for two- you and your growing baby.


You need all the essential and important nutrients for your baby and yourselves: your growing baby requires all the nutrients for better growth and development in your womb.


Remember your baby acquires everything from you so better the diet of yours better will be your nourishment and that in turn will lead to the better nourishment of your baby.


Your body is undergoing a lot many changes, physical, physiological, biochemical and so on. That’s why you must get excess of the dietary supplements to meet these changes, keep your energy reserved and pace with the changes that are taking place.


Good nutrition is responsible for healthy mother and healthy baby.


Thus your diet and nutrition, matters a lot for your fetal development and your health.


Early pregnancy and diet:


Balanced diet is important to acquire good nutrition. It refers to the one which includes all the required nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and even water in adequate proportions and in amount that your body needs. During early pregnancy as the fetus is growing so initially it is very important to get these nutrients to support the fetus’s growth.


Take the diet servings which include the food pyramid pattern; i.e. carbohydrates and proteins in large amount, then fruits and green leafy and all vegetables and then milk and milk products and fats in least amount. This will make your diet balanced one.


Eat small and frequent feeds. Get on more fruits and fresh vegetables. They are the best sources of the vitamins needed by you and your baby.


Folic acid in pregnancy:


The most important nutrient, micronutrient during the pregnancy is folic acid. It is necessary in early pregnancy in order to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus such as spina bifida, etc. which are the congential anomalies.


The rich sources of the folic acid are the green leafy vegetables, cod liver, whole grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables.


Your doctor will also prescribe you folic acid supplementation in the form of tablets during the first trimester as the neural tube starts to develop early in the fetal development.


Iron in pregnancy:


It’s equally important to have the iron supplementation during the pregnancy as your body develops physiological anemia due to pregnancy. Your body becomes deficient in iron.

The rich sources of iron are the green leafy vegetables, jaggery, sprouted pulses, grams, dates, etc. your doctor will also prescribe you iron tablets for supplementation.


Thus you need to get all nutrients in required amounts and that is why your diet must be such.

To tell and advice, eat healthy food, stay healthy: Healthy mother and healthy baby.