Early pregnancy: Rest and Sleep


Are you worried so much about your pregnancy that it interferes with your sleep? How much time does it take for you to initiate a sound sleep? How often you get up during the sleep at night?

Well, many would answer that they do feel sleeplessness, find it difficult to acquire sound sleep or they get up more often at night. These all complaints point to only one thing that’s: insomnia or sleeplessness during the pregnancy.

Not so usual but it may be the case with some women during their early pregnancy. The physiological changes that have taken place and those that are still taking place disturb your sleep pattern. The effect of hormones tends to deprive you from the sound sleep. Also your personal factors such as stress and worry about the future, your anxiety may lead to sleeplessness.


Anyways you need to get your way out of this problem. After all you also need a sound, balanced and nice sleep. Your baby also needs rest.


Here are a few measures or tips to cope with the insomnia:


Have a scheduled activity time table. Work according to it.

Have little naps during day. Avoid it if you don’t get sleep at all at night.  

Avoid drinking water just before going to the bed.

Don’t take plenty of water at night as it may cause frequent urination thus disturbing your sleep.

Do not consume heavy meal at night; avoid fatty or oily foods at night.

Do not talk or gossip at night if you have trouble in initiation of your sleep.

Have a glass of warm milk as it stimulates sleep.

Take a good bath before going to bed.

Avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee.

Ensure that you get a sound sleep of about 7-8 hours during your pregnancy.

Staying active during day will naturally stimulate sleep by making you fatigued.


Rest during day and in between your work activities. This will conserve and accumulate your energy and revitalize you to perform the next task.


Thus you must understand the importance of the sound sleep and rest during your early pregnancy. See your doctor or midwife in case the insomnia troubles you more.