Pregnancy Symptoms Info: Quick Guide

At some point of time in our life we do have confusions; we want to get out of them; a felt need of clearing the confusions and getting a sigh of relief is all that’s coming in our mind- isn’t it true? Perhaps, yes. It’s a natural process. When we are talking about something that’s related to a married woman, the word pregnancy follows our talks…. It’s a matter of question, confusion for a woman sometimes whether she’s pregnant or not?  She may be experiencing few symptoms; the most common being the missed period. On missing your period, a natural thought of getting pregnant may come to many minds. This in turn may be a feeling of internal happiness for some and a matter of worry for others who are not prepared for it.


Anyways, we are just intending that all those women who are interested in knowing about their pregnant status, must first have the knowledge of the early signs of pregnancy.


We’ll hereby provide you with a quick guide to the commonly occurring or known early signs and symptoms of the pregnancy. Better to know…check them out!


Before we proceed it’s better to inform you that these symptoms may or may not be related to the pregnancy. Sometimes they may represent conditions other than pregnancy. So all you need is to go through these symptoms clearly as well as there’s equal importance of your pregnancy confirmation using correct, reliable and reasonable approaches which will be explained later on.


The following are the early pregnancy symptoms:


On missing your period, you feel like you may be pregnant? Well, here you can be right because; the foremost symptom of early pregnancy is the missed period. In medical terms, the doctor will call it amenorrhea which means absence of menses.


Next spotting or bleeding may take place. The so called “implantation bleeding” occurs in the form of spotting. This means that the bleeding is the result of the process of your fertilized ovum getting implanted into your uterus. Again this may not be a usual symptom in every woman. It may or may not be the case with you; you may or may not have spotting.
Nausea and vomiting then may follow. The hormones are thought to be the cause behind it; however it’s more commonly observed in the first pregnancy or primigravida woman. Sometimes it may be little or at times it may trouble you.


Breast changes:  As a result of the hormones in the blood during the pregnancy, your breasts undergo few changes as follow: breasts become swollen, tender to touch, starting to get enlarged. The nipples and areola start getting darker and pigmented under the influence of hormone, melanin.


Fatigue and weakness are experienced by most of the women during the early pregnancy. This may account for the physiological changes taking place in their body due to the pregnancy.


Are you having craving for the foods or some unusual aversion to some food     items? Actually these both comprise to be the early pregnancy symptoms.


Your trips to your bathrooms are increasing, is it so? Frequent urination occurs in early pregnancy and may continue for the first trimester of the pregnancy. It’s a result of the pressure that your bladder faces due to the enlarging and growing uterus.


Have you discovered on getting from bed that your tummy feels queasy; you are feeling nauseating and also vomiting occurs on instance that’s troubling you with the start of your day. These all are an indication that you are experiencing the morning sickness, an unpleasant and at times troublesome pregnancy symptom.

Aches are common symptoms during the early pregnancy; headaches and backaches being the usual complains in early stage. Headache may be a reason of the change in your hormones; whereas the pressure of uterus on the sacrum as well as the changes in the ligaments caused by the progesterone may be responsible for it.


Does your mood change frequently? Do you feel at one moment very happier and quite irritated at the next? These are the mood swings that may happen with you in your early pregnancy.
Thus we have seen that the missed period, spotting, breast changes, fatigue and weakness, nausea and vomiting, morning sickness, headache and backaches, mood swings are the commonly known early signs and symptoms of the pregnancy.